#16: Running 11 Marathons and Multiple Businesses with Zachary Murray

Hosted by Josh Gonsalves
57 MIN 44 SEC
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Episode Description

This is part 1 of 2 with Zachary Murray.

Josh and Zach discuss a wide range of topics including running and scaling multiple businesses at once, business in the time of COVID-19, design tools, creative processes, tools and systems for capturing ideas, and things good and bad about Apple products and the App Store ecosystem.

Zachary Murray is the Founder & Creative Director at Foreplay, a Toronto based performance marketing and creative agency helping e-commerce and D2C brands scale alongside their own internal ventures including Nomadic Fabrics which scaled to over 7 Figures in the first year.

Connect with Zach is on Instagram @thisis_zach

Foreplay is currently hiring @weareforeplay

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  • Zach ran the equivalent of 11 marathons in one month
  • 30 Day running challenge by Jessie Itzler
  • Listening to podcasts and music while running vs. your internal dialogue
  • Zach's companies: Nomadic Fabrics, Vanquished Media and Foreplay
  • "Feast or famine" with businesses during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Zach's first digital marketing agency saw a big increase in clients wanting to create more digital media during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Zach's second digital marketing agency Foreplay creates and manages e-commerce solutions
  • Foreplay is also creating digital marketing content for a Fantasy Sports startup
  • Zach's advice for managing multiple companies and projects and avoid burnout
  • Managing your "Inner Diva" and letting some things fall through the cracks
  • Scaling your business to a point where you're only working on the stuff you want to work on
  • Delegating work you like doing vs. doing it yourself
  • Trying to delegate work, but then the quality doesn't meet your standard and then having to do it yourself anyway
  • Big companies shifting to permanent work from home during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Restaurants got hit hard during COVID-19 shutdown and continue to struggle
  • Loom — a remote work tool that Zach showed Josh
  • Josh mentions this Mind Meld episode with Jay Vasantharaj
  • Zach's transition from a service business to e-commerce
  • Zack's maker mindset. He's not interested in anything that's not making things.
  • Elon Musk vs. Jeff Bezos
  • Zach wants nothing to do with Jeff Bezos' day-to-day life
  • Making lots of money vs. spending the money on material things
  • "Does money buy happiness?"
  • Ownership vs. access to material things like sports cars, etc.
  • Getting the benefits of owning a nice car by using services like Turo
  • Airbnb filing for an IPO this year
  • Airbnb's shift to digital experiences
  • Apple threatened to take down Airbnb from the App Store
  • Apple vs. Fortnite / Epic Games lawsuit
  • Podcast episode with Epic Games CEO Time Sweeney talking about free markets and his issues with the Apple App Store
  • Epic Games Store marketplace
  • The safety and security of the App Store
  • Zach sees Apple as a technological Utopia
  • After 5 years of owning a Samsung phone, Josh wants to switch to iPhone this year
  • The true value of your devices based on how much you use it and the value it brings to your life
  • The device upgrade lifecycle — Zach upgrades his phone ever 1 - 1.5 years
  • Zach uses the iPad Pro 2020 with Apple Pencil
  • Logitech MX Master 3 mouse
  • Logitech Craft Keyboard
  • Zach fixed his shoulder pain by switching from the Apple Magic mouse to the Logitech mouse
  • Taking desk ergonomics more seriously
  • Findng a good mouse is like finding a good running shoe
  • Sacrificing design and aesthetics for functionality and utlity
  • Losing creative momentum by answering messages and emails
  • Zach's tools and processes for capturing different types of ideas
  • War of Art book by Steven Pressfield
  • Procreate app for iPad
  • Chiseling away at a design vs. invisioning the final piece from the beginning
  • Virtual Production in Unreal Engine
  • Using an iPad as a wireless virtual camera in Unreal Engine
  • Matt Workman
  • Gernalists and Polymaths
  • The TikTok "For You Page" algorithm
  • James Jani YouTube channel
  • Creating short tutorials for TikTok instead of a big YouTube production
  • Learning shortcuts and functions of your devices to become more efficient
  • Bigscreen VR app as a virtual meeting space
  • The mental barrier of getting into VR
  • Oculus Quest
  • Facebook needing to Integrate Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp And Oculus better
  • iCloud is a whitelabelled Google Drive
  • Facebook's UI design update
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter has become a powerful business network
  • Substack newsletter subscription platform
  • Morning Brew daily newsletter
  • Tim Ferriss' 5 Bullet Friday Newsletter

Thanks for coming this far! if you're reading this, it is no accident. The universe brought you to this corner of the internet for a reason, and you're on the right track. I already know that you're an amazing person and I can't wait to connect with you!

— Josh

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